We are a team of scientists and engineers, designers and inventors, problem solvers and troublemakers. We leverage all the scientific tools and ideas we can to make sure we develop the highest quality and best performing designs possible.

Our team is built around bravery, intellectual honesty, and the pursuit of excellence. We constantly challenge assumptions and motivate our own growth with the aspiration of undoubtedly providing the best results to our customers and, ultimately, the advancement of humanity.

Braid is pushing for a new way of understanding design as the ultimate activity of human-machine interaction: human ingenuity, desire, and ergonomics together with the calculation, precision, and problem-solving abilities of software.

Core team

  • Ivo Timoteo

    Chief Executive Officer | Founder

    Ivo’s love of complex dynamical systems took him from foundational machine learning research to wondering how to establish and grow a value-driven tech venture. He is now obsessed with assembling the perfect team to deliver a long lasting impact to Braid’s clients and humanity at large.

    Before Braid, he agreed to act as principal lecturer of AI2 (U. Cambridge) at the age of 25 and accepted the invitation to become the CTO of a self-driving car startup at the age of 29 to lead a team of around 60 engineers. He has an Erdős number of 5.

  • Guido Cossu

    Technology & Creative Director | Founder

    Guido has been always driven by the search for novel directions in his scientific career. He is attracted by the possibilities of interaction arising from the combination of the human creativity aspect of design and the rigour of hard sciences. He thinks that this combination will unlock a whole new realm of possibilities and change the future of design.

    Previous to his work in industry, he was an academic researcher and has more than 15 years of experience as computational theoretical physicist working with some of the largest supercomputers in the world in a quest to better understand the early stages of our universe.

  • Yuki Shirato

    Chief Operating Officer | Founder

    Yuki has a long term fascination with the startup world; he advised more than 20 startups and invested in more than 50, including some unicorns. Braid sparked his entrepreneurial spirit one step further and he decided to take part to see the amazing results that can be achieved by leveraging his decades of experience in corporate law, management and operation.

    Previously, Yuki worked in the US, UK, Canada, UAE and Japan. He worked at Bain & Company as a management consultant and top global law firms such as Davis Polk as a lawyer. He was involved in more than 50 billion USD worth in corporate transactions and represented more than 100 clients around the world, from Fortune Global 500 companies to global private equity firms, from venture capitals to startups. He is a NY state attorney and a foreign registered lawyer (gaiben) in Japan.

  • Máté Kovács

    Engineer #1

    Máté spent most of his career juggling discrete mathematics, algebra, computer science, and software engineering. He finds balance between theory and practice to design large software projects from first principles, and devise strategies that ensure correctness and reliability. He embraced the vision of the transformative power of Braid’s foundational software and became our engineer #1.

    Besides extensive experience in various Silicon Valley startups such as Prezi, Quora, Sourcegraph and Coursera, he used to be an avid competitive programmer. He also contributed to larger corporations at Google and as a lead at Woven Alpha in Japan, but he strongly prefers the pace and purposefulness of a mission focused startup.

  • Hiroko Omura

    Business Support

    Hiroko discovered her interest in people, languages, and cultures when she moved to the U.K. at the age of 9, which was further enhanced during her five years in Germany as a student and later as the first employee at an import-export start-up. She is fascinated with designing the processes and structures that allow highly heterogeneous groups to thrive and achieve their best – a perfect fit for Braid. Being the first woman in our team, and the mother of an eight year old son, she aims to bring a wonderful diversity to Braid!

    In the past, Hiroko has worked across a variety of sectors, mostly at the startup stage: life insurance, import-export, renewable energy, global market research, and retail. She was previously at IKEA Japan where she was involved in the initial setup of the Japan office, in supply chain projects, as executive assistant to CEO, and human resources.

External Directors

  • Paul McInerney

    Paul joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 1997 and co-led digital business building and corporate venture capital investing efforts. While there he was also a founding member of Medioport (an online golf reservation site) – subsequently sold to Rakuten in 2002.

    He joined McKinsey & Company's Tokyo Office in 2002, was elected Partner in 2007 and Senior Partner in 2014. After leading McKinsey & Company's Asia Pacific Marketing & Sales Practice from 2011 to 2017 Paul was the Leader of McKinsey & Company's Consumer & Retail Practice and Managing Partner of QuantumBlack Japan from 2018 until February 2021.

    Paul joined Incubate Fund as a General Partner in March 2021.

    “Braid Technologies has the potential to fundamentally change the future of design across many diverse fields - I am excited to join the Board to support the Braid team on that journey.”

  • Simon Roue

    Simon has 24 years of experience in financial markets culminating in a senior corporate finance role at Macquarie Capital. Previously he was with Deutsche Bank, where he held senior positions in investment banking in Asia Pacific, was the Head of Corporate Finance for Japan, and finally Co-Heading Corporate Finance for APAC.

    Currently he dedicates his time to personal projects across real estate as well as angel investing in startups focusing primarily in the renewable energy and tech spaces in Asia, Australia and the UK.

    “Since the initial stages, it was a very rewarding process iterating through the vision for Braid. I believe it could be a one in a million company and if I can help make that a reality, then it will probably be the highlight of my career.”

Board of Advisors

  • Kazuyo Sejima

    As a laureate of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, Kazuyo Sejima redefined the concept of architecture by creating fluidity and continuity between a building and its surroundings and enabling a seamless landscape.

    Kazuyo's functional and aesthetic architectural designs are a culmination of her assiduous pursuit to refine and explore numerous design possibilities and perspectives. The effortless intersection of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics is an ideal shared by Braid, both regarding the final designs as well as in the design process itself. Together, we are committed to work towards a sustainable society through better design.

    “I think interaction between people and artificial intelligence will create a new type of design process, and a different understanding of space, material and our environment.“

  • Justin Waldron

    At the age of 19, Justin Waldron co-founded Zynga pioneering the era of online social games. Justin led Zynga's growth as the Senior Vice President of Product through the $1 billion IPO in 2011. He is currently on a similar mission as the president / co-founder of a unicorn gaming company in Japan.

    As a seasoned entrepreneur, an avid angel investor and advisor to many successful startups, Justin can provide first hand insights on the journey of building an innovation focused startup. We hope to leverage his experience to guide Braid towards global expansion and scalability.

    “Braid's artificial intelligence doesn't just design better products – it designs a better future.”

  • André Andonian

    Throughout his 34-year career, André Andonian founded and led McKinsey & Company's Advanced Industries sector globally, was the Managing Partner of McKinsey Japan and Korea and was a long-term member of McKinsey’s Global Board of Directors. He advised clients in the advanced electronics, automotive, aerospace, high tech and biotech industries. He is currently an independent member of various boards including semiconductor giant Analog Devices and at the Health & Sports Sciences Department of the Technical University of Munich.

    André's knowledge, expertise and experience will help guide Braid towards solving the right problems at the right time and propel us as a global leader in the future of advanced engineering design.

    "Braid has the potential to revolutionize the design of future products and services by incorporating scientific, engineering, and human dimensions with the application of the latest AI technologies."